Do We Really Need These Things?

This. Or this. How about this one? Why? Why are there so many?

How come so many things seem to be marketed to Silicon Valley-ites? Who outside of there would wear a tiny plastic dot on their back to help them sit up straight? Is it really that much of a challenge? Even if it is—is writing yourself a note, or setting an alarm, or any other low-tech solution so insufficient that one must spend $50+ on a weirdo device that plugs into your spinal cord?

These things don’t even really bother me. I’m just confused. Then again, maybe I’m not.

These sorts of products are marketed to tech bros (and their analogs) because the tech bros have A: money, B: an insatiable desire to be on the cutting edge, and C: a bizarre fascination with obscure, expensive fixes to mundane problems.

In a similar vein: Liquid Death.

Again, not upset—just confused.

You could buy a $130 plastic pimple and stick it to your back, thereby allowing you to track your sitting habits, how long you slouch for, the molecular effect it’s having on your bones, all while sipping from your environmentally-conscious can of LIQUID DEATH, because plastic bottled water is bad for the planet and you’ve never heard of reusable water bottles…

Or you could just write yourself a sticky note (on paper)—maybe it could say “Sit up straight!” and stick it to your monitor. And you could spend $15 on a water bottle.

Maybe you could even write LIQUID DEATH on it, just to fit in.


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