Uninformed UK Election Thoughts

  1. The Left will never learn to change its messaging. Instead of taking lessons from the day’s thumping, they will continue to squawk about bigotry, impugning those voters who roundly rejected them, their ideas, and their figureheads. They might gin up their base, but alienating the rest of the country isn’t a winning strategy. This holds on our side of the pond, as well—although our president may be wise to take his own lessons from this.
  2. It is remarkable how poorly the Internet predicted the probable results. It reminds me of 2016—young, wide-eyed lunatics and ivory-coated pundits were celebrating their surefire victories, that is, until the hammer fell. Then the wailing and grinding of teeth began, and life has become more insufferable ever since. Perhaps they cannot stand being wrong? Or have they so deluded themselves that every electoral defeat means the end of the world order? Maybe it’s both, or neither. I’m partial to both.
  3. On that note—how incredible (read: not believable) is it that prognosticators the world over told us that the Brexit vote and the Trump election were equally momentous events? One was a routine, standard election of an admittedly unorthodox leader; the other was roughly the equivalent of California seceding from the United States. These events are in no way similar, except that they were a revolt against the perceived elites, wherever they might happen to be. But to suggest that the election of a president is equal in magnitude to a vote of secession was—and is—stupid.

Not only did the Conservatives win this election—they won big(ly). Bigger than the R’s in 2010 (I think). It was the soundest rejection of the Labour party in decades. Many voters cited the toxicity of the anti-semitic terrorist sympathizer leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Many also cited the party’s laughable economic plan. Whatever the case, Labour has been beaten into submission—whether by savvy marketing by Boris and Co. or by the whims of the voters is up for interpretation.

But again—the biggest takeaway is that the Left will not learn a thing from this. They will continue to run Stalinward, ignoring criticism and deriding anyone who dares stray from its dogma. If you voted for a Tory (or a Trump), you are anathema—and they’ll make sure you know it. Your considerations will not be heard—you are simply another racist, bigoted, homophobic, Koch Bros pawn… wait, which country am I in again?



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