Day 87: Coyote Peterson

I just stumbled upon this YouTube star, Coyote Peterson. He is 100% out of his mind. His fame is predicated upon getting stung by the most painful insect stings on Earth. Whether or not you think that’s healthy is beside the point—it’s extremely entertaining.

His work draws from the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, an index of how painful insect stings are. He decided to work his way up to the top dog—the bullet ant—and along the way was stung by myriad other creepy-crawlies—the cow killer, the warrior wasp, and the tarantula hawk, to name a few.

How someone gets the idea of putting themselves through unimaginable pain to make a living I will never know. I’m glad he thought of it, though. He’s a wholesome guy—no swearing or raunchiness, a rare quality on the internet—and he truly loves animals, teaching, and entertaining. It’s not for the faint of heart, but his channel is great proof of human ingenuity and human goodness.


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