Day 85: How Fast Can I Write This?

Main Cabin 1 is boarding now. I’m in “basic”. You may have seen me refer to cattle in my previous post. That is me.

Sadly, I have a middle seat today. I prefer the window, then the aisle—then the dreaded middle. Inconvenient to two people, without easy access to the bathroom—the primary plus of the aisle—or a place to lean your head—a benefit of the window (also relevant: admiring the landscape).

In the middle, you can’t move your legs left or right without bothering someone. You can’t monopolize an armrest because they both belong to someone else. You can’t even really stretch, as any direction you move is in somebody’s way. It’s the lightest incarnation of purgatory, no pain, no suffering, just tiny inconveniences that would be remedied by moving a foot left or right.

This is my fate.

Could be worse, right?


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