Day 84: Human Behavior

It’s almost boarding time, and people are lined up in anticipation to board. The queues stretch across the whole gate area, in two directions!


There are zone assignments—normally 1-9, 1 being the patricians, 9 the cattle—and seat assignments, again starting at 1 and sometimes going to 40. You cannot board outside of your zone, and you can’t sit in any seat other than that which you are assigned.

So why stand in the line? Why not sit in a chair, charge your device, read a book?

The human need to be first? Does that even exist? Perhaps it’s something more basic, the instinct to gain every advantage you can? Even that doesn’t really make sense. We all know standing in line doesn’t make a difference.

My guess—people just do what people around them do. People are in line? Well, I’d probably get in line, then. People are cramming onto one escalator, even though the one next to them is working perfectly well? There’s probably a reason no one’s on there; better use this one just to be safe. Everyone’s driving into a blast zone for some reason? Everyone’s going there, there must be something right about it! 

These subconscious judgements happen all the time, and they’re normally not harmful. On the contrary, the mechanism is often useful. But it is still a wonder of evolution that for all our triumphs, the human race is still enslaved by its very lowest instincts.

They’re moving now. Better wrap this up—something must be going on.


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