Day 78: Small Victories

One of my favorite games of late is Slay The Spire, a brutishly difficult deckbuilding roguelike (don’t fret if those words mean nothing to you—you’ll still understand the post). Sadly, I am terrible at it. There are 20 levels of difficulty, and despite my greatest efforts, I’ve managed to conquer only four.

Until last weekend, that is.

I sat down to play, fully convinced of my own futility, but this time, something was different. The decisions I made actually seemed to be working. I wasn’t dying—in fact, I was doing quite well. Before I knew it, I’d beaten difficulties 5-9 after being stuck on 4 for months.

It’s not important. No lives were saved, no hearts converted. Not even a new Twitter follower. But it is something I’ve been “working on” for months, so it still feels good.

Only 10 levels to go.


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