Day 59: It’s weird that people live with plants and animals in their homes,

isn’t it? Who was the first person to bring a wolf inside? Or some massive, prehistoric bush, a bush which was likely covered in either poison, thorns, or some other dangerous apparatus?

And yet, here we are. Houseplants abound, sometimes to the detriment of their caregivers. People bring their dogs everywhere from restaurants to national parks, and some have begun seeing their pets as substitutes for children (but that’s another post).

And I write this with a large houseplant to my left and a burning desire to buy a tortoise (which is extinguished when I remember what happens to tortoises in wintertime).

It speaks to a deep desire to remain in nature, or at least in contact with it. And that’s a healthy desire, a good one. But—please—your cat is not a child. Temper yourselves, people.


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