Day 56: A Day at the Brewery

Went to Flying Dog Brewery with a monk and some new friends today. A takeaway:

The first thing you consume after you wake up shouldn’t be beer.

Didn’t get drunk; just didn’t feel very good. Had a burger and some sidewinder fries to counteract the alcohol waging war in my stomach, and it helped—not as much as I wanted. Still a very nice day.

One of the guys (Ed?) worked for Heritage Foundation and dressed like he was from Grosse Pointe. Fond of talking about his important friends, but was entertaining, so I forgave.

Trying to use as few words as possible while remaining cogent. Difficult, but hopefully worthwhile.

Baseball game Tuesday. Don’t know who’s pitching yet. Playing the Phillies, hopefully Bryce plays. Highly overrated, still fun to watch.


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