Day 52: Steps to Slow Down Climate Change

Realistic steps the most vocal proponents of action on climate change could take to reduce their footprint:

  • Newspapers—New York TimesWashington Post, etc.—should cease all print editions immediately to save paper and energy.
  • Cable news should immediately end the 24-hour news cycle, which would significantly reduce electricity usage.
  • Young, healthy people should forgo air conditioning and heat at all times. They might also opt for cold showers, as heating water uses quite a bit of energy.
  • Older, wealthier folks should move into smaller homes, in cities if possible. Smaller homes are more energy-efficient, and if they’re in the heart of a major city, the need for a car is dramatically reduced.
  • Cut down on internet usage. It uses far more CO2 than we realize—far, far more. Twitter warriors limiting their valiant efforts to a few hours a day would make a substantial difference on its own. Young people could also limit the number of hours they consume streaming media, opting instead for analog entertainment.
  • Air-drying laundry would make an enormous impact if adopted on a large scale. Think how much electricity would be saved if no dryers were run. The same goes for dishwashers.

Any more suggestions?


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