Day 48: Weekly Wrap Up 8

“Daily” blog. I’m trying.

One cool thing I learned at work:

I’ve been a little bothered by the fact that almost everything I write gets rewritten. Not anymore: My coworker and I eviscerated our boss’s drafted email a few days ago. I now realize that’s just how writing works.

One cool thing I learned outside of work:

There are Benedictines 8 minutes away from the basilica in D.C., and they already want me to join their Catholic beer club. Meeting next Saturday!

One example of how I created value at work last week:

I stayed late every single day last week because of all the work we’re doing for our upcoming big launch. From writing email copy to cutting trailer vids, I’ve been doing it all. But so have my coworkers. That’s life in a startup of 6.

What project I’m currently working on at my BP:

See above.

What I’m doing to become a better version of myself overall:

Rosary and lectio divina every day in addition to my new(ish) routine.

What Praxis Monday Session did you attend last week?

Hannah imparted her wisdom on how to document one’s work.

What was your biggest highlight from the session?

Eviscerating Dana for literally no reason in the chat.

What was your biggest takeaway from that session?

It’s important to be specific. Think about your writing from the POV of a prospective employer. Would they be impressed?

How do you intend to apply that takeaway to your life?

I’m trying to be more substantial in these posts while writing as few words as possible.


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