Day 40: Ahmari vs. French

An unfortunate display tonight at Catholic U.

Sohrab Ahmari is an embarrassing figure. I used to like him—especially around the time his memoir came out—but unfortunately, he’s steadily gone downhill since then. He can’t resist his baser instincts in discussions, resorting to ad hominems and other (completely uncalled-for) methods of insult. He also has trouble making a good case for his viewpoint. He can articulate what should happen, but is unable to explain how it should be achieved. Also: He’s unbearably smug.

David French is less right than Sohrab on the issue at hand, but is a much bigger man. He’s also far more intelligent, or at least more learned—and much, much more skillful at debate. David is a bizarre target for Sohrab’s ire, given his history of defending religious expression in a multitude of ways, but it’s especially odd considering David served in the US military. And Sohrab has the gall to denigrate not only his service in defending religious liberty, but also his service in the military? Ridiculous.

What was supposed to be a debate about the conservative movement turned into an embarrassing spectacle for Mr. Ahmari. He can’t control himself, and he’s not very good at making his case, especially considering he’s had months to refine it.

Should have been Adrian Vermeule.


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