Day 30: It’s Day 30

I did it (sort of). Once again, I’ve blogged a bunch of days in a row.

My life hasn’t really changed. I’m not a superhero. I haven’t lost 20 pounds. I’m not a brilliant author, or thinker, or marketer, or tweeter.

But I have done something a lot of people haven’t done, which is blog a bunch of days in a row multiple times. I can say with confidence that my writing has improved since last summer. I also hope I can say my ego has shrunk, although I’ll likely read this in a year and be disgusted with myself once more.

It’s quite astonishing what can change in a year. A year ago, I was advocating the legalization of all drugs because freedom. Now, I’m reading Adrian Vermeule and wondering if freedom really is the most important thing. A year ago, I was living in the woods thousands of miles away from my loved ones. Now, I’m living in (next to) the capital of the world and only a few hundred miles away from them.

A year ago, I was writing a blog every day. And I’m doing it again right now. I’m glad that part has stayed the same.


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