Day 27: Weekly Wrap-Up 5

Number 5 already? Wowie. Feels like I just started.

One cool thing I learned at work:

I (and the rest of us) learned how LinkedIn works. As it stands, I’ve accidentally become a sort of recruiter for our video producer position. Oops.

One cool thing I learned outside of work:

The majority of Virginia license plates I see start with the letters V, W, or X. I wondered why. Then I looked it up. It’s because Virginia restarted issuing plate numbers a few years ago, starting with ZZZ-9999.

One example of how I created value at work last week:

Slowly getting our content ready for our EconInbox launch.

What project I’m currently working on at my BP:

See above.

What I’m doing to become a better version of myself overall:

I’m getting up an hour earlier so I can fit the gym into my day. Still working out the optimal schedule.

What Praxis Wednesday Session did you attend last week?

Tiago Forte on building a second brain. Which means taking notes.

What was your biggest highlight from the session?

Tiago thinks technology is a wonderful thing that’s making our lives better and that people who think it’s making things worse are unnecessarily pessimistic. How nice for him.

What was your biggest takeaway from that session?

If you don’t take notes on things that are important to you, you’re stupid. Why not take advantage of such a powerful resource?

How do you intend to apply that takeaway to your life?

Haven’t the foggiest. The instructions were far too vague. Perhaps I’ll one day decipher what Tiago meant by “take lots of notes.”


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