Day 26: The First Commandment

Went to D.C. with Lucy today. It’s a great town. One of the sights:

evening shot of lincoln statue


I like Abe as much as the next guy. Even discounting his untimely death, he deserves a monument. But the verbiage here borders on idolatrous.

This temple? I’m not sure we should be building temples to anyone other than the One.

Am I being overly sensitive? Perhaps. But all of us—especially Americans—need to remember that we are just travelers on this planet. This is not our final destination. Nor are our fellow travelers worthy of our worship. Our respect, yes. Admiration, sure. But we must be careful not to put loyalty to country over loyalty to God and His Church.

The Lincoln Memorial might be breathtaking, but it is not St. Peter’s. Seeing the Constitution might send chills down your spine, but so should seeing your Bible, and the chills should be manifestly chillier.

Be grateful for your country, your heritage, your ancestors, and your traditions. Be worshipful only of one thing—of one Person, rather.


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