Day 23: Intensity vs Consistency

Okay, me. Repeat after me:

I am not David Goggins.

Do you believe me?

I am not David Goggins.

Who else aren’t you?

Uh… Catherine of Siena.


Or Tyler Cowen.


And that’s alright.

I’m watching Matt Fradd interview Fr. Mike Schmitz. Fr. does Crossfit, intermittent fasting, makes a YouTube video every week, teaches at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and is a priest. How does he do all of this?

I have no idea.

I do know two things.

That my habit of waking up and going to Mass every day is a good place to start building other good habits.

That leaping into 10 other different things right now will mean I stop doing all of them.

So I will continue going to Mass every day, continue fasting Monday-Saturday, and continue working to get better at my job, and save all the other stuff I want to do for when that stuff gets easy.


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