Day 21: Washington, D.C. is very pretty

and also everywhere you walk in the summer is just a cloud of gnats. It’s super annoying because you can’t open your mouth or eyes really unless you want a mouth full of living no-see-ums. Which I don’t. Or didn’t tonight, anyway.

I’m thinking of doing these in the mornings instead. I think I’d feel less pressed to finish them, which would result in more thoughtful and interesting posts, instead of just little things that technically count for the day but don’t stretch reader or writer.

That sentence was very long. I made it long on purpose. Did you notice?

The point of these for now is sort of to try different styles of writing to see what I like and what works (or what I hate and doesn’t work). (Is that process the same thing? Surely, if you’re searching for what you like, you’re going to come across what you hate. A question for the scholars who read this blog 100 years from now. Hi, everyone. I’m hopefully still alive in my mechanically enhanced body armor. If I am, please bring me some more banana pudding. I’ll understand.)

I went into work today for a few extra hours. Premiere gave me more bugs. Stop it, Premiere. I’m just trying to be your friend. Actually, I’m trying to subjugate you to my will. Cooperate, or the consequences will be dire. By which I mean I will yell and swear so loudly that the people in the next office over will hear me and worry for my sanity.


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