Day 19: Gosh Dangit This Is A Hard Job

Harder than any job I’ve ever had, certainly. But it’s also hard on its own. There is so much responsibility, and I have no experience in any of the things that need to be done.

The nice thing: That’s okay. It’s a wonderful work environment. If I’m falling behind, or if I feel like I’ve got too much going on, I can tell my boss and we’ll talk about it. Nobody will get upset unless you hide failure. If you present it, you’ll be helped.

We had our weekly meeting today, and everything I said was shot down—granted, I didn’t have much to say. Still!—Either my priorities were out of order, I was doing something incorrectly—something was wrong no matter what.

And it was okay.

It was okay because it was substantive, constructive criticism, rather than nitpicking about inconsequential tasks or making up criticism out of a need to find fault. It was genuine feedback, something I’ve craved for a good while and am finally getting.

Now the task is to build on that. Because if I don’t improve, why bother getting feedback? Might as well quit right now and save everyone the trouble.


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  1. Good reflection 👊

  2. Hang in there, Joe!! I’m glad you’re getting feedback and there’s good communication!! Be patient with yourself. Good luck!!

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