Day 15: Oops

Yesterday was frightfully busy. For a good reason, of course—Lucy’s birthday—but still, it was busy.

Not busy enough to give me an excuse for failing to write my blog post, unfortunately.

Lucy has convinced me not to start totally over, and instead to write two today. Here’s the first.

I just had a meeting in a rest stop on the PA turnpike. Let’s just say I probably could have spent this time driving and not have missed much. Alas, such is the life of a young professional.

One thing I did learn here: Wendy’s burgers are outrageously tastier than Burger King’s. My whopper tasted like a shoe—an overdone shoe topped with a flavorless tomato and smothered in mayonnaise.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Adrian Vermeule on my car ride today. Don’t tell anyone at work.

Hooray, I get to write another post tonight! Hooray…


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