Day 14: Home Again Already?

Yes, indeed. I am. For Lucy’s birthday.

We’re going to a fancy restaurant in Detroit, Shewolf. It’s a modern Italian place that has received universally glowing reviews since its opening. I’ve wanted to go for a while, and this is a perfect opportunity.

Afterward (at midnight), we’re going bar-hopping. Sadly, she doesn’t turn 21 until three and a half hours from now, so she can’t enjoy any wine, or choke down any grappa, at dinner, but she can have half a Manhattan at the first bar we go to and fall asleep, so it’s not all bad.

I’m driving back to Arlington on Monday, leaving around 0900. I have a meeting at 1600 which I’ll have to pull over to attend. It’ll make me feel like a real businessman, always on the road but still making time for meetings. Then, it’s back to the office on Tuesday, and after work, my coworkers insist on taking me out for drinks to celebrate my first full week.

Lunch with Tyler Cowen in less than a month. Hooray.


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