Reducing God To An Argument

Inspired by this video by Br. Casey Cole, OFM.

No Christian has ever converted anyone to Christianity.

This truth has been lost today. In the face of the New Atheism, Christians have begun to believe that logical arguments alone can convince one of the existence of God. This necessarily means that it is us alone who convert those to whom we evangelize. If human reason alone is sufficient to prove God’s existence, why do we need God’s help at all?

It’s a dangerous logical path we put ourselves on. Once we reduce God to an argument, we rob Him of His divine, infinite, omniscient nature. Our evangelization is no longer about showing others to His glory. Rather, it becomes a game, a mere intellectual exercise, akin to debating whether or not we’re living in a simulation.

When we evangelize—whether that means praying rosaries on the street corner or simply living the Gospel—we must keep (at least) two things in mind. The first, as I’ve said, is that logic alone cannot “prove” the existence of God, especially the triune Christian God, in all His enormity and power. This is because logic deals purely in the realm of humanity. But to truly come to know and understand God, one must encounter Him through faith. It is not enough to read Thomas Aquinas and Edward Feser—without prayer, without encountering the living God, all of their arguments are like straw.

The second is that we do not convert anyone. We might have the soundest logic, the greatest works of charity, and the humblest of conduct, but without the Holy Spirit working through us, we have nothing. It is through Him alone that people are brought to faith in Christ. We can serve as vessels for His work, but nothing happens because of us, but through us.

Please watch Br. Casey’s video—linked at the top—for a deeper dive into the destruction this mindset causes Christians today.


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