Project Update: Week 3

This week was extraordinarily productive, and a little frightening.

I had 12 meetings with interested parties this week. I realized I needed to drastically alter my project about one minute into the first meeting. I read my copy to another person for the first time and thought, “Wow, this is really boring.”

So, instead of emailing my copy to my participants, I’ve decided to set up a second meeting with them. I’ll use their feedback from this first round of meetings to craft new—and, hopefully, better—copy, and read it to them at these new meetings to see if they like it more.

This shifts my project from a data analysis one to a personal development one. Instead of showing companies what sorts of delivery works and what doesn’t, I’ll be showing companies that I am able to learn quickly and act based on feedback. I think this is an improvement, since my analysis as an amateur probably wouldn’t have been very relevant. On the other hand, an amateur documenting his learning process is tremendously relevant, and sends some important signals to potential clients.

This next week is a daunting one. Since I had such trouble figuring out a place to set up my “booth” (I ended up holding my meetings via Zoom), I won’t be able to finish my second video in time for the project deadline. I won’t have the data I need. However, we discussed a concept called minimum viable product (MVP) in this week’s Praxis Wednesday, essentially: What can you ship that shows people what you have in store without wasting time on unnecessary perfectionism? That’s what my project is going to be, because it has to be.

I’m a little disappointed that I won’t have all of the data I need to ship the second video, but I’m glad that my project is going to be better as a result. Here’s hoping my technical difficulties are few and far between this week.

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