Making A Name

I’m starting a project next week, the goal of which is to showcase my skills to a potential employer. The problem is that I have no idea what I want to do, or what skills I want to showcase. Consider this post an inside look into my brainstorming process as I figure out what I want to do and why I want to do it.

Skills to Showcase

Since I’m gunning for a sales or marketing job (I’m garbage at organization and have no technical skills to speak of), I’d like to primarily showcase my creativity and my ability to persuade. These skills in tandem are a killer combination for acquiring and keeping leads, which is the whole point of sales and marketing.

I’d also like to show off my writing skills outside of a strictly persuasive context. Making a product seem great is the first step of generating interest in it, and people are lot more interested in an intelligent, purebred hunting dog with a luscious, golden coat and a friendly temperament than they are in a yellow dog. The more you showcase your product’s advantages and positive traits, the higher the consumer’s rate of interest will be.

Finally, it would be good to showcase my analytical and strategic ability—why things work, why people respond the way they do, and how best to leverage human nature while not making it obvious. With that said, here are five projects that encompass some or all of these traits.

How To Showcase Them

  1. My first idea was to build a mock marketing campaign, either for a real company (one near me that’s desperately in need of marketing) or a fake one. I would run totally different ads and track the metrics to see what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Set up in a public place and try to sell the unsellable. Think the Steven Crowder “Change My Mind” meme. This one is pretty hard to do and nail down, mostly because I don’t think the responses I’d get would be very good. I wouldn’t actually have anything to sell, and I think people will react differently once they realize they’re in a mock sales demonstration instead of an actual one. This one would be fun if done right.
  3. Do a video series on a specific topic. In a recent Praxis group session, I mentioned doing one on writing, something I know how to do but have very little understanding of. I figured this would hamper my efforts, but one of my beautiful and talented peers suggested I center the series around me learning about the nuts and bolts of writing and grammar and taking the viewer along. Potentially great.
  4. Write a series of blog posts. This is where my ideas start to fizzle out, because I know I have marketable skills—I just don’t know how to use them. I’m not sure which topics I’m knowledgeable enough about to speak authoritatively on. So for now, I’ll say a series of blog posts taking the reader through the process of building leads and establishing and maintaining relationships.
  5. I listen to a lot of podcasts. As a result, I hear a lot of ad copy. I could break down these ads and how they’re delivered, analyzing what works and what doesn’t. Potential high returns.

Please, if anyone has any ideas to make these projects better, or for an entirely new project, send me some feedback. I always appreciate it.

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