Differences of Perspective

I work for a hospice company and for a funeral home. The people at the hospice company think I’m crazy for working at a funeral home, and the people at the funeral home think I’m crazy for working at a hospice company.

My coworkers at hospice say that dealing with that much death is too sad. They’re okay with sick people, since most of them are medical professionals, but being around the family of a deceased loved one would be too much for them.

My coworkers at the funeral home tell me they have no problem dealing with the families. In fact, they enjoy it, because they like being with people in their toughest times. But experiencing someone dying, knowing that they’ll be gone soon, is too much for them.

Both groups focus on the negatives of the other. I find that interesting. I see both as being there for people in their time of need. Whether that’s while someone is dying or after they’re dead doesn’t really matter. For me, the point is being part of that support network.

Both jobs can be sad. It’s never fun when a parent calls about the death of a child, or when a funeral is full of extraordinarily distraught family members. But if you focus on the good that you’re doing, and the necessity of your work, it mitigates a lot of the negativity.


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