My Last Night

Tonight is my last night at Olympic National Park. My last night in housing was two nights ago. I’m staying at Log Cabin with my dad tonight. My last shift of work is tomorrow morning, 6:30-15:00.

Tonight is the last time I will see many of my friends in a long time—perhaps ever. It’s the last time I will have to log into the complimentary Wi-Fi that lasts for 24 hours. The last time I will sit in the objectively filthy commons and watch whatever happens to be on the TV, and the last time I will sit with my friends in front of the fire at beautiful Lake Crescent Lodge.

Two nights ago was my last performance at the Dam Bar. I played for around two hours. It was the best performance I had in all the times I’d played there. I will miss all of the people there, but I told them I’d come back and visit. I hope I can make good on my promise.

Tomorrow, I will no longer work at Olympic. Wednesday will mark my last paycheck from Log Cabin.

ACMNP feels like a distant memory at this point. Our last service was about a month ago. Since then, I’ve seen friends leave in droves, some without having the time to say goodbye. Tomorrow, I will be that friend to all of the people I could not find tonight.

I will miss the park and my friends, but it’s time to go home. The luster has worn off with time. That is not an indictment of anyone or anything at the park—that’s just what happens. I’m happy to return home, and to have the chance to test the friendships I’ve made. I look forward to experiencing the ones that stick.

Leaving tomorrow at 15:30 PST. Thanks for the memories, Olympic.


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