Giving Up News

I am taking a break from the news. The Kavanaugh mess has cemented my decision.

I can no longer be bothered by the day-to-day bickerings between partisans. I do not have the mental energy to sift through the morass of fact and opinion surrounding every issue, most notably the Mueller probe. I have no desire to watch hot takes on Twitter from every side of the aisle, not to mention the subsequent Internet fights that ensure.

Most importantly, there are a lot more productive and important things I could be spending my time on than every bit of minutiae that filters through the Times and the Twittersphere. I think this is true for many of us, too. It’s easy to get caught up in the constant flow of information; it doesn’t matter if the information is about the Constitutional order, or if it’s about what Kimye’s next baby name is. Too much of it is never a good thing.

Over the past week or so, I’ve realized just how much of my brain the news cycle occupies. For example, my roommate told me I was muttering about the Supreme Court in my sleep one night. At the time, I thought it was funny. Now, I’m not so sure. It’s not that I’m worried I’m becoming unhinged—rather, I’m realizing I’m neglecting other important things in favor of following the latest political drama.

So, I’ve decided to take a break. I don’t want to feed into the cycle anymore, at least for a while. I’ll still follow the elections, I think. I don’t want to be an uninformed voter. But for now, I’ll be focusing more on ideas and individual character, instead of figuring out how to win arguments against opponents I will never meet. I’ll try to narrow my consumption down to the things that truly matter, instead of following drama for drama’s sake.

I hope National Review doesn’t miss my traffic too much.


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