The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water won best picture in 2018. It’s on in the background right now. All I can think is, of course it won best picture. 

It’s got everything elite consumers of art could possibly want: out-of-place classical music, artsy shots of random household stuff, gratuitous scenes of sex and violence, a black-and-white scene… oh, and the story is about a woman engaged in a carnal relationship with a fish-man hybrid. What could be better?

Family Guy had a great episode a few seasons back lampooning the styles of three directors—Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, and Michael Bay. All of the parodies were great, but my favorites were Tarantino and Anderson. Clever, scathing, and extremely funny, they poked fun at every overused trope found in films not just by those directors, but by artsy directors in general.

I’m thinking specifically of the aforementioned classical music (out-of-place 40’s music is also en vogue), overemphasis of unnecessary, cute details, and generally disorienting the viewers. It might be cool or interesting the first time someone does it—not as much the 400th.

I am driving a few people to the ferry on Sunday. The season is almost done. I’ll be home in 21 days, and done with work in 16. Pretty exciting.


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