I will try to adopt my Gethsemani schedule from here on out. In bed by 19:45 (20:00 at the latest), up by 03:00. I think this will be good for my emotional and spiritual health. I am tired of staying up late and being tired the next day.

I dropped my friend off at the bus station today. She is on her way home to Maine via two connecting flights. It sounds miserable to me, and to her, too. One flight was already rescheduled to 08:00 tomorrow. Ouch.

I gave my sermon today. It was purely off-the-cuff. I didn’t even base it on Scripture. I talked about reasons to believe in God, and Christianity in particular. It was okay. Not my best work, but not everything can be.

It’s very smokey out here. Tuesday’s smoke levels are supposed to be hazardous. Not very exciting, but what can you do? (Nothing, that’s what.)

It’s 20:00, so I’m going to bed.


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