Our number one priority is God.

It is not our friends. It is not our plans. It is not our spouse, or our children, or our safety, or our financial security. It is God.

This is the difficulty of living in the world, especially today. We are bombarded with stimulants from every angle. Our music, television, and films are geared almost exclusively toward hedonism. (But even the more wholesome among them still miss the point.) We purchase and consume unimaginable amounts of stuff, amounts that would shock someone from just 60 years ago.

We also grow old with the ones we love. We have beautiful families, fulfilling careers, and stable friendships. We might have a pet. We might have just gotten a promotion. We might have been able to buy someone we love something they really wanted.

Any and all of the aforementioned might be true. It still wouldn’t change the fact that God is missing from all of it.

Everything we do must be ordered toward God. If it isn’t, we might as well not do it. We could adopt 12 poor children from Africa and raise them all to be doctors. If we don’t do it with God in our hearts and minds, we might as well have not done it at all. For an act to be truly good, it must have God at its center. Everything else comes after.

Tomorrow is the last service I’ll be preaching. Pray I think of something to preach about by 9 AM tomorrow.


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