Back to Reality

Lucy came to visit me this week. We had three full days together, which were some of the best days I’ve had in a long time, probably ever. I am totally exhausted, but it’s the kind of exhaustion that comes from doing things that engage you fully with someone who is just as engaging.

I can’t write well right now. I am too tired. Suffice it to say that my time with Lucy was beautiful in every way. We saw killer whales leap out of the water, listened to six hours of Beatles history, and had dinner at the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been to. Lucy saw her first waterfall (and then her second one a day later), and experienced the ocean for the first time. It was her first time in a national park, and her first time on the west coast. I am lucky to have been able to experience all of this with her.

In other news, listening to the Beatles podcasts made me want to go through The Who’s entire discography in chronological order, something which, tragically, I have never done. The problem with The Who is that they are so obsessed with reissues and bonus tracks that it is almost impossible to find the albums in their  unadulterated forms. I struggle to think of a group which has released more complations than them. But I spent some time in the library today and pared down the albums to their original track listings, placing them in chronological order. (I will have to add the singles a different day, as the phone I’m using right now is too laggy even to edit playlists.)

Listening right now, the first thing I noticed is what an incredible achievement The Who Sell Out is. It feels strange to be writing this, since I know almost every song on the album by heart. Since I fell in love with The Who so young, the importance of listening to albums in full and in order never occurred to me. Now that I’m finally doing it with something that isn’t Tommy or Quadrophenia, I am gaining a brand-new appreciation for my favorite artist ever.

It’s supposed to storm all day tomorrow. I will be cleaning the ice cream machine, likely for my whole shift. Back to reality, indeed.


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