Information Overload

I have had at least 8 tabs open on my laptop for the past two weeks. All of them are either from National Review or the Foundation for Academic Excellence. I also read during downtime at work, especially if I just swept and sanitized earlier.

Lately I’ve been wondering if this might lead to information overload. If I inundate myself with political, economic, and cultural matters for too long, what effect might it have on me? I’ve long viewed everything through a political (more accurately, a “big-picture”) lens; would my intensifying interest in these topics cause me to overdo it?

So far, I think (hope) the answer is no. I seem to have a pretty good handle on when and when not to be political or argumentative. I just asked my friend, and she thinks the way I view the world is a positive thing, so I’m feeling more vindicated than before.

This is something that’s on my mind more often than not, but as long as I’m not coming off poorly in my assessments of situations (and as long as I can keep perspective on how I think and what I say), I think there’s no harm in absorbing as much information as I can.


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