Dialog With My Ministry Team

Over the course of this trip, I hope to have many fruitful discussions about faith with my fellow ACMNP members. I had one such discussion tonight. This girl is non-denominational and does not know anything about the Church. Her only exposure to Catholics has been through her friends back home, who are your typical American Catholics — in name only.

We talked about quite a bit, mostly focusing on sacred Tradition and Church history. We went through a lot of Bible verses that were new to her, and she had a lot of good, challenging questions for me. It was a nice talk.

One of my favorite things is being able to have these disagreements without them devolving into shouting matches or bouts of one-upmanship. When two people are really interested in learning, and not simply looking for an argument, lovely things happen.

I know I write about this topic a lot, but as I mentioned, harmonious disagreement is one of my favorite things. I believe the closer we can get to this as a nation, the closer we will get to solving the fractious issues that divide us further and further each day.


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