Defying Expectations

Last night, one of my friends described me as a very charitable man. It seems a lot of people have me pegged as a nice person who is willing to go out of his way to help people or to make them feel better. These are high compliments, and I do not take them lightly. They indicate that everything I strive for is not in vain. This is not meant to be self-aggrandizing; I’m simply reporting what was said about me, to me.

What amuses me about these interactions is my assumption that most of these people assume that I, like them, am on the left. I am looking forward to the day we have our inevitable discussion about political beliefs and they discover where my loyalties really lie. I wonder how it will jive with their worldview.

I’ve spoken with more than a few of my coworkers without really revealing my positions, and I’ve discovered a near-universal hatred for anything that smacks of conservatism (or what they believe to be conservatism). I can only imagine their surprise when they find out I am for fewer regulations, lower taxes, and less government, instead of subscribing to whatever the latest woke line of thinking might be.

This gives me some insight into what I believe to be the best way to convince people that your ideas are at least worth listening to: lead by example, and don’t be condescending or confrontational. I could have fired back in any of the discussions I’ve had here about various issues, but I chose to hold back because I would rather show people what conservative values really are. Hopefully, by the end of this experience, I will have had at least a few productive and polite discussions with my coworkers. I look forward to it.

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