Short Post About This Evening

FThis will be a short post since I am typing from my phone.

I spent the last couple of hours speaking with some new employees. They are from Malaysia. One of them has an incredible grasp of American politics and news, and our discussion was quite enlightening. The other came in halfway through, but also had some contributions.

Near the end, a guy from North Carolina joined in. The two Malaysians got a kick out of his accent, and he didn’t realize how southern he sounds until I demonstrated for him.

I love interactions like this. This is my ideal America, where we can talk about our issues and celebrate our differences while still retaining mutual respect. I’m sure most “coastal elites” would be stupefied at the idea that a man wearing a camouflage hunting hoodie would be interested in Malaysian naming conventions. And yet, here we are.

The two Malaysians will be doing housekeeping at Log Cabin. I’m looking forward to working with them.


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